JUST IN: Wisconsin activist says he committed voter fraud to expose potential voter fraud

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The Wisconsin Elections Commission will meet next week to discuss a criminal referral against a Racine County man who allegedly ordered absentee votes in the names of a prominent state senator and other voters in an attempt to reveal flaws in the state’s voting system, reports CNN.

In a letter to state officials posted on the video-sharing platform Rumble, the president of an organization called ‘Honest, Open, and Transparent Government’ stated that he successfully ordered absentee ballots in the names of Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Racine Mayor Cory Mason, and other voters this week to demonstrate the “ease of harvesting election ballots online.”

Wait, whose organization has focused on allegations of voter fraud around the 2020 election, stated that he was willing to “be charged for exposing these voting vulnerabilities.”

In recent days, he has elaborated on his conduct in several media interviews.

“If that’s what it takes to stop the fraud in our elections, so we can have real, safe, secure elections, yes, I’ll go behind bars,” Wait told WISN 12 News in Milwaukee, a CNN affiliate.

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Under Wisconsin law, it is illegal to submit false information to acquire an absentee ballot and to make false representations to election authorities. During a late-evening emergency meeting on Thursday, Democrats on the Wisconsin Elections Commission demanded a criminal referral.

Ann Jacobs, a Democrat on the commission, was “outraged” that Wait “thinks this is cute” despite the fact that he is committing crimes and gloating about them in an effort to undermine our voting system.

The Republican head of the panel, Don Millis, stated that he has “no problem” issuing a criminal referral but would prefer additional information first.

In a statement released earlier on Thursday, the commission stated that MyVote, the state’s online voting site, showed “no indication of any vulnerability.” Its members decided to notify voters who may have been harmed by the incursion, and the commission gave guidelines to local election clerks to monitor absentee ballot requests for suspected fraud.

The August 9 primary election in Wisconsin features high-stakes contests for governor and the US Senate.

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