JUST IN: Former CNN cameraman sentenced for threatening to “put a bullet” in Rep. Matt Gaetz

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Longtime camera operator for CNN, ABC, NBC, and others, Eugene “Gene” Huelsman, has been arrested for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz and his family, according to Business Insider.

The Department of Justice said on Thursday that a former television camera operator was sentenced to six months of house arrest, five years of parole, and a $10,000 fine for threatening Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and his family.

According to Jason Coody, US attorney for the Northern District of Florida, Eugene Huelsman, 59, of Thousand Oaks, California, pled guilty to communication of a threat in interstate commerce.

Fox News reports that Huelsman, who worked for CNN, ABC, and NBC, left a threatening voicemail for Gaetz at his Florida constituency office on January 9, 2021, three days after the incident on the US Capitol.

The Department of Justice highlighted the violent and obscene threats against the sitting congressman that Huelsman left on voicemail when no one answered the office phone.

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The Department of Justice stated that he threatened to “put a bullet in” Gaetz and his family. Huelsman said that he was “coming for” the Florida Republican and hoped he would “die in a shallow grave.”

In October, Fox News broadcast a portion of the audio of the extremely distressing message.

He said, “Tell him to watch his children. Tell him to watch everyone. I’m coming for him. He’s gonna fing die. He’s a f*ing despicable fing tyrant. And I’m gonna fing kill him.

He said, “Tell him to watch his children. Tell him to watch everyone. I’m coming for him. He’s gonna fing die. He’s a f*ing despicable fing tyrant. And I’m gonna fing kill him. “I’m gonna fing kill you, fing Matt Gaetz. You’re fing despicable. You’re fing despicable. Play this fing recording for Matt Gaetz. You’re fing despicable. Watch your back, you fing pig. I’m gonna fing plant a bullet in the back of your fing head, you scum f.”

The DOJ stated that after receiving the message, Gaetz’s office notified the Capitol Police, and detectives found that Huelsman had made the threats.

Huelsman has previously been probed by the United States Secret Service for threatening a member of a former President’s family on social media, according to a press statement containing no other information.

The week after Huelsman was arrested, Gaetz appeared on the House floor and made significant charges that the Department of Justice was not taking threats against his life seriously.

The congressman stated matter-of-factly on the House floor on October 20: “I believe someone may be attempting to murder me. If they are successful, I want my constituents and family to know who prevented their arrest.”

He stated that despite the Capitol Police’s advice that the individual who threatened him be arrested, the Department of Justice did not follow through.

Gaetz directly asserted that the DOJ is prejudiced towards Republicans.

“If my name weren’t Gaetz, if it were Omar or Tlaib, you bet this person would’ve been arrested,” he claimed, alluding to Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

The congressman told Politico that the encounter he mentioned to Congress was a second, unconnected threat.

“An indictment was issued in May, and has now been unsealed the week after my criticism,” Gaetz told the publication.
Gaetz said that if they took security seriously, they would arrest everyone who violates federal law and makes death threats against us, not just some of them.  He stated that he believes the Department of Justice is biased against Republicans.

Sherri Onks, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Jacksonville Division in Florida, added, “Words matter, and this sentencing should serve as a warning.”

“Everyone has the right to express their opinion, but when you harass, intimidate, and threaten violence against others, it’s a federal crime that will not be tolerated,” Onks said. “The FBI and our law enforcement partners will work to hold you accountable.”

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